At the Gardens of Villa della Pergola in Alassio, the most beautiful park in Italy, the most important collection of Agapanthus in Europe returns to shine.
The spectacular flowering of thousands of specimens of the flower of love, of 500 different varieties, tinges the Gardens with spectacular brushstrokes rich in color that celebrate the waves of the sea of the Ligurian Riviera.

Alassio returns for two months to be the European Capital of the Agapanthus, thanks to the imposing flowering of the prestigious collection of the Villa della Pergola Gardens, which has just been elected the most beautiful park in Italy.

Thousands of specimens form the largest collection in Europe in terms of vastness and different varieties, about 500, all certified by SOI, the Italian Horticultural Society.

Not everyone knows that the Agapanthus derive their name from two Greek words: Agape, which means love and anthos, flower: the "flower of love".

And Alassio, the city of lovers par excellence, can only be the most suitable place to carry the scepter of the European capital of the Agapanthus, further confirming itself as a destination for green tourism and keeper of refined and unique treasures.

Celebrated in all arts, from literature to poetry to painting. The Greek nobel prize-winning poet George Seferis dedicated a work to agapanthus, Monet and Chagall adored them: the first looked after them in his famous garden of Giverny in France, the second wanted it as the absolute protagonist of his garden in Provence: they flourished around the days of his birth, thus celebrating his birthday with a luxuriant flowering of the king of blue flowers. The agapanthus of blue in fact dresses all shades, from light blue to blue, up to trespassing into white and lilac, with brushstrokes of purple. At Villa della Pergola they were introduced into the Gardens as early as the late nineteenth century by the first English owners, even long before their official name was attributed to them in 1905 by the Botanical Congress of the Nomenclature of Vienna, when they were still called Lilies of the Nile, due to their origin. and their strong presence in the culture and customs of the African continent.

The collection of the Gardens of Villa della Pergola was created during the restoration phase of the Gardens by the famous landscape architect Paolo Pejrone, who wanted to reproduce with this flower the waves of the sea of the Ligurian Riviera on which the park overlooks, creating thanks to the thousands of individual specimens a unique scenography, which with brushstrokes rich in color blends into a thousand shades of blue.

The "sea of Agapanthus" can be admired in numerous points of the park, in the terraces and along the internal roads connecting them, accompanying visitors throughout the journey of the guided tours, offering a unique spectacle. It is possible to visit the Gardens and the Collection with guided tours every day except Mondays.

Reservation required via online ticket office.