Queen Elizabeth II, that we sincerely want to remember and pay tribute to on this day, never officially visited Alassio.

She actually set foot in Liguria: during her trip to visit Italy, on Semptember 18th in 1980 she visited Genova, visiting Palazzo Tursi and spending her night in the Palace set in Fontana Morose, also paying a visit to her friend, marchesa Cattaneo Adorno, in her mansion, palazzo Durazzo Pallavicini, having a tea (of course) and a coffe "italian style, no milk".

But there is a bond that ties her, the Queen, to our city and to Villa della Pergola, too.

On September 18th 2000 she officially visited Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where she was welcomed by M° Riccardo Muti, that held a concert in her honour.

From the Royal Box, together with Prince Philip, she listened to a composition directed by M° Muti and chosen for the link that connected the English community toour Country back in the nineteenth Century: it is called “In the South (Alassio)” and it was composed by the English Composer Edward Elgar between 1903 and 1904.

This famous piece of music, played on this occasion in front of the Queen, was composed by Elgar during a family holiday in our city, Alassio, and specifically, here.

At Villa della Pergola.

(photo credits: Teatro alla Scala Andrea Tamoni)