The Park, restored by architect Paolo Pejrone, extends over an area of 22,000 sq m and is renowned for the abundance of its Mediterranean flora and exotic evergreens.

Our guests can enjoy a journey of fragrance and colour to surprise and excite, with Maritime pines, carob, olive and almond trees, cypresses, Lebanon cedars, holm oaks and a stunning collection of citrus trees expertly placed alongside plants including eucalyptus, jacaranda, araucaria, Bird of Paradise and dicksonia, as well as palms and cactuses from every latitude, seasonal flowering thunbergia, spiraea, oakleaf hydrangeas, oleander, scented pelargonium, bougainvillea, datureae, bignonia, solanum and jasmine.

Hundreds of different varieties of species form the extraordinary collection of agapanthus.

Romantic arbours of Lady Banks' Roses and numerous varieties of wisteria unite the various levels of the park, where you can admire the delicate water lilies and lotus flowers that thrive in the ponds and fountains surrounding the villas.